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When you join myn, we’ll need certain details from you to make sure we can pay you. This includes your:

  • NI number

  • Entitlement to work in the UK, usually by checking your passport if you are a UK national. If you’re not a UK national, we’ll need to see your work visa or other authorisation to work in the UK.

  • Bank or building society account numbers.

Email it to us at As your employer, we really need your P45 to make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax.

From the assignment income received by myn, we will retain our processing fees or margin to cover employment costs and process any approved business expenses you have claimed. We then calculate your gross taxable pay and holiday pay, deduct your income tax and National Insurance to determine your net wages.

As an employee of myn, your are insured under the £10m Employer’s Liability, £5m Public Liability and £5m Professional Indemnity for any one claim.

Under The Pensions Regulator rules, it is up to the employee to complete an opt-out form which they must get directly from the pension provider. myn cannot opt an employee out on their behalf.

No, the payment under AdvancePay is for the work you have already finished and therefore, it is not a loan. However, you should only ask for advance pay for the work that you have finished and not being paid yet. This could be as little as 1 day.

As the money paid under AdvancePay is not a loan, myn will not do a credit check.

For all expenses, you need to keep receipts and itemised bills and email them to

The payment cycle often depends on the arrangement you make with your client or recruitment agency, but this is usually done on a weekly basis and you can expect to get paid on a Friday.

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