a healthy workforce is a productive one.

we’ve taken time to tailor a range of health and wellbeing services to keep your workforce happy, productive and doing great work

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myn doctors

✔️ video consultations

✔️ ePrescriptions & referral letters

✔️ medications delivered to your door

✔️ GDPR & HIPAA compliance

an online gp appointment when it suits you.

your workforce can book an online consultation with a GP at a time that suits them best, letting them focus on the day job

video consultations with GPs at your convenience

myn health tools

personal health advice on tap.

get tailored health advice at the tap of your phone screen with our personal health concierge

✔️ simple advice & guidance on the most common symptoms

✔️ covers 98% of the reasons you would go to see the GP

✔️ finds nearest health facilities

✔️ medications dose & vaccinations reminder

protect your workforce's mental health.

we’ve partnered with Mental Health at work (MIND Charity) to help employers and contractors to access information needed to improve mental health and well-being in the workplace


access a range of guides to help you manage stress, anxiety and mental health at work


our videos by industry experts will help those grappling with mental health issues


pre-packaged suggestions for sets of resources that go well together to help focus on a particular area of workplace mental health

From the experts

our useful practical advice is provided by first class mental health organisations across the UK


read mental health at work blogs written by experts as well as by people with first-hand experience of mental health problems

powerful health tools matched with great rewards

from just £10/employee/mo

always sensible fees

industry leading platform

always innovating

we’re changing the way short term staff are paid, rewarded and retained

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