transforming the way you manage your team.

join the revolutionary new platform to pay, reward and retain your contingent workforce

why myn

Get the right tools and services for your organisation

we're industry experts.

we’ve designed myn from the ground up, with both contractors and companies in mind at every stage. 

born out of real life experience, we’ve ended all those frustrations of paying and retaining your contingent workforce and created something trailblazing

enjoy massive payroll savings.

piggy banks do fly! with fully-funded payroll rates through myn starting from just 6%, it won’t take long for you to realise huge payroll savings for your organisation

be a pay-role model with myn.

treating your contingent workforce like your employed one is a must for any forward-thinking organisation. myn helps you to know your payroll provider and take control of managing and paying contracted staff

new talent at the tips of your fingers.

find the perfect contract worker talent with our intelligent matching platform. post new jobs for free on your branded job page and contact candidates securely online

a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

contractors love employers who offer rewards. and on top of making them happier, we save you time by making it easy for them to self-enroll and manage their own plans.

manage from your desk or dubai.

manage your employees via our web based dashboard from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, and give your employees our easy-to-use myn app

from just £10/employee/mo

always sensible fees

industry leading platform

always innovating

we’re changing the way short term staff are paid, rewarded and retained

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