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Our user-friendly digital platform offers a game-changing job search, fuss-free payments, and amazing rewards.
🤝 Search & match
Myn has the UK covered. We brought thousands of jobs from each region into one place.
⏳ Timesheets
Access simple & reliable timesheets.
Complete any time - any place - in seconds.
💰 Intelligent Payroll

Seamlessly integrated payrolling - the ease an convinience of having everything in one place.

⏩ Pay Advance
Obtain advance pay within minutes, helping you cover unforeseen expenses between paydays.
👍 Compliance
  • Forms and documents collected during the application process
  • Sign documents online on your phone
  • Once uploaded, reuse your documents anytime anywhere
Empower your contractor lifestyleUnlock a host of amazing benefits and rewards with our fully integrated suite of services.
Access simple & reliable time sheets
📈 Financial Services
Mortgage advice, pensions, savings and investments - use it with confidence knowing you're getting the best deal.
Mortgages, pensions, savings and investments
🛍️ Rewards & Benefits
A fantastic range of discounts on your favourite high street brands through savings and recognition schemes.
health benefits
🫶️ Health and Wellbeing
24/7 access to Online Healthcard, including consultations with Lloyds Pharmacy Online GPs, digital prescription services and more.
Harnessing the power of myn
Lloyds Pharmacy
What our community has to say
I couldn’t believe how many jobs there were to choose from
Bob, Surrey
So easy, and I’m a total technophobe! Always paid properly and on time. Brilliant!
Polly, York
Everything has been spot on so far and had zero issues. I get paid correctly and on time so I'm happy
Nathan P, Stoke
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How to get started with Myn
  1. Search for a job on our live job board or simply sign up here
  2. Upload your most recent CV or create your profile without one
  3. Review jobs recommended - apply - get hired
  4. Submit timesheets any time anywhere and get paid right away
  5. Take advantage of the integrated suite of services and rewards
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Myn is a revolutionary workforce platform that streamlines recruitment, enhances work-life balance, and delivers cost-saving, efficient solutions for businesses in the professional service industry.

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